The strategically situated lands of Turnberry, favoured with vast views of portentous seas since before recorded time, have beheld a thousand tales. The birth of a legendary leader, Robert the Bruce. Wars against ancient kings of England and the two World Wars of the 20th Century. The favourite new game of golf, played on naturally occurring courses. The first purpose-planned golfing resort in Britain, with an iconic hotel that houses travellers on romantic getaways to its therapeutic shores to this day. Epic links that were built, destroyed and rebuilt again.

Turnberry is known by its talismans-prehistoric islands, medieval ruins, stalwart beacons. They are symbols of the charmed, inexplicable things that can happen there: the impossible chip; the lost dream, found.

Its hauntingly beautiful moors and cliffs stir the emotions, uplift the spirit and call ceaselessly to those who have gone-part of golf's hallowed ground, but part of a much broader history as well.

"Where could they find such a glorious combination of picturesque grandeur by land and sea? Every mile, there was some hallowed spot, immortalised by the heroism of Bruce or the genius of Burns." - Station Hotel dedication speech, Turnberry, 17 May 1906