Both the 1977 and 1986 Opens were won by, arguably, the greatest players in the world at that time. When the championship was to return to Turnberry for a third time, in 1994, could history repeat itself?

The man who has written "Persistence! Persistence! Persistence!" in every diary he has ever owned had that fortitude bear fruit in the 123rd Open Championship. After a promising early career, Zimbabwean Nick Price had faded from the headlines before mounting an impressive comeback in the early nineties voted Player of the Year in 1993.

At Turnberry, Price grasped the prize by a single stroke for a score of twelve under par, simultaneously tying The Ailsa course record of 268 set by Watson in 1977 and reaching the pinnacle of his career.

"There are only a handful of courses in the world that have the rugged beauty of the Ailsa course. The magnificence of the Ayrshire coast is truly a special treat for all of us who have been fortunate enough to have played it." - Nick Price