The Watson Shot

July 2009. Legendary golfer Tom Watson stood over a putt on the 18th hole of The Ailsa. Watson was wining, his ball 8ft from the hole. If he sank the putt, he would have completed one of the most extraordinary of sporting achievements.

Pot Bunkers

Avoiding Turnberry's multitude of pot bunkers is the key to a good score on both The Ailsa and The Kintyre. If however you do find yourself in one of the monumental bunkers, here's how to play it!

Ball Above Your Feet

Head Golf Professional at Turnberry, Ricky Hall demonstrates how to play the ball above your feet on Turnberry's signature hole, the 9th on The Ailsa.

The Links Putt

The key to putting on undulating greens is to concentrate on putting to an imaginary target on the line you've picked out. Then concentrate on making a swing with the proper effect to get the ball to the hole.

The Punch Shot

A low-flying punch shot will optimise the distance and control of each shot by minimising backspin and ensuring the ball does not climb too far into the air. Head Golf Pro Ricky Hall demonstrates how to play the 15th of The Ailsa in windy conditions.

The Bump and Run

The Bump and Run shot is the most commonly played chip on links courses. Generally the shot is played from only a short distance from the edge of the green. Michael Sweenie, Head Teaching Professional at the Turnberry Performance Academy demonstrates how to approach the 18th green on The Ailsa.