The links bunker shot: How to hit the ball higher 

If you are overwhelmed by deep links pot bunkers, or any other bunker in fact, you are certainly not the only golfer out there that feels that way. Most amateur golfers fear bunkers  because people try and help the ball out rather than letting the club do the work. It’s very easy for our natural instincts to take over and try and scoop the ball out. 

Below are two handy tips on how to improve your bunker play. 

The two line drill
Draw lines in the sand all the way back to your feet. The line ahead of the ball will now also represent where your lead foot’s heel position will be placed (ball position). This way, the ball position will be the same time every time you practice your bunker technique. It’s vital you always set up in the bunker with the ball position in the correct place, this way you can repeat a technique and ensure you hit the same amount of sand before the golf ball every time. The line behind the ball will now represent where your club enters the sand, and the club should then exit where the front line is. This is a great way to see if you are making contact in the right place. This drill can also be practiced without a golf ball there, just to make you concentrate on your impact position.

The Grip 
The grip has the biggest influence on your clubface as only your hands have contact with the club. So let’s have a look at how the grip can help us achieve a higher flight. What you want to see is the back of your palm (the logo on your glove) almost pointing to the sky, in golfing terms, this would be a strong left hand. Your other hand can now just be placed back on the club in a neutral position. Now hold a club like this and try the following – with your grip set in position, swing the club back and forth with your wrists only. While doing this, pay attention to your glove hand; the logo of your glove should be pointing to the sky at impact and after impact. Now repeat this feeling in a full swing. This will now allow your hands to work correctly giving your clubface all the loft it needs to hit a high bunker shot. 

The combination of correct setup and grip position should allow you to achieve higher flights with your bunker shots.